Tuesday, 28 May 2013



When I heard  this for the first time I asked myself; is this a joke? Like is blackberry for real
The BBM which is the messenger available on the Blackberry OS which is the reason why millions of people around the world want to own a Blackberry Smartphone

Am thinking Blackberry will lose its appeal

Here are some facts about BBM
  • 60+ million monthly active users 
  • 51+ million daily active users 
  • 10+ billion messages are sent and received each day 
  • Almost half of BBM messages are read with 20 seconds of being received.

With the Recent introduction of the Z10 and the Q10 which are both running the on the ‘REVOLUTIONARY’ BB10 O.S I would say they are running out of Ideas on how to stay relevant in a market they once dominated

but they say they want BBM to compete with other instant messengers that cut across multiple platforms like WHATSAPP and NIMBUZZ

BBM now wants to be a full-fledged social network with celebrity “channels” pumping updates from people or brands you might want to follow

I am calling it the death of Blackberry and here is why;

Shares in the Canadian Smartphone maker dropped 4% after CEO Thorsten Heins’ keynote at the BlackBerry Live conference on May 14-16 in Orlando, Florida.

here is how they stand in comparison to their greatest competitors as of the time of writing this
Research In Motion Ltd

NASDAQ: BBRY - 28 May 8:20am ET
14.48+0.05‎ (0.35%‎)
Pre-Market14.56+0.08‎ (0.55%‎)

Apple Inc.

NASDAQ: AAPL - 28 May 8:23am ET
445.15+3.01‎ (0.68%‎)
Pre-Market450.35+5.20‎ (1.17%‎)

Google Inc

NASDAQ: GOOG - 28 May 8:25am ET
873.32-9.47 (-1.07%)
Pre-Market883.00+9.68 (1.11%)

They are a lot of people that use Blackberry because of BBM so if it will be available to android and I-phone users FOR FREE then I really don’t see the need of owning a Blackberry Smartphone anymore except for the die-hard Blackberry fans.

I use my Blackberry phone to keep in touch with my friends on BBM but when I want do some work like write this article on my way to a meeting sitting in traffic I use my Android device which has a larger screen than anything Blackberry offers, so if I can use BBM on my Android device then I guess I would be giving my Blackberry Smartphone to my God-son so he can add it to his toy chest.

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